Why a Professional Web Design Company Is Your Best Option for Website Development

When it comes to setting up your business website, there are a few ways you can go about it.

  1. You can find a freelance website designer. A novice may be willing to design your basic small business website for an extremely low fee.
  2. You can hire a major ad firm to handle every aspect of your marketing strategy, including website design, for a generally high fee.
  3. You can go with a professional web design company that focuses on a balanced approach.

professional web design company

If you’re a startup or solopreneur, the variable (read: lower) fees of freelancers may call to you like a siren song. But you surely know what happened to the sailors and ships that encountered sirens.

Don’t get us wrong: freelancers work for some

First, let’s make it clear that we’re not knocking freelancers in general or even freelance web designers. Many employees at agencies have been or will be freelancers at some point in their career.

If you’re looking for a writer, artist, or virtual assistant but want to keep your overhead low, you can find many skilled contractors online. In fact, many of these same freelancers hire fellow freelancers to design their own sites. An independent web designer may also be a good fit for a small nonprofit organization, club, or mom-and-pop shop.

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But many freelancers who work on one-off jobs must head where the most immediate money is. If the person who set up your site wins a long-term project next month, you may need to find somebody else to handle those urgent tweaks. A coder with a different education or philosophy may not do things the way your initial programmer did, and hiccups are more likely to happen.

Some freelancers excel at one aspect of putting a website together, such as design, and lag in others, such as the actual coding. Or vice versa. Altogether, you’ll get a functional site, but it can end up feeling unbalanced.

What about large ad agencies or marketing firms?

Sure, a big company has lots of expertise to draw from. You’ll have access to the hottest web trends, an upgraded logo, and other extras. The agency can set you up with top-notch copywriting, market research, PR, and anything else related to promoting your business and site.

But there are drawbacks to hiring such a company to handle your website.

If you’re a small business, you may find the fees a bit out of reach. The large agencies are usually better matches for large clients. It’s not a matter of bigger being better. It’s simply that big businesses understand how each other work and have big budgets in the same league, so it’s more of an organic fit.

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Even if you can afford to hire an ad agency to build your website, you may find that your “smaller” project gets lost in the shuffle. You may be put on hold when you call or wait a while for someone to reply to your messages.

And strangely, you may discover that you’ve received not a custom website design but a modified template. After all, with so many customers to manage, big businesses have to find ways to make their processes more efficient. The projects that earn less money often get less attention.

A professional web design company can give you what you need—and nothing you don’t

If your business sees a lot of traffic and has to establish a strong brand, you’re much safer hiring a professional web design company. That’s because you’ll get more attention from such a company and a number of related services packaged together.

A web development business with several employees has more resources available when you need help—and a systematic approach to your project. And it’s likely that the agency will dedicate a set number of hours per week or month to reviewing your website metrics and fine-tuning your system.

When you hire a web design agency to build your site, you get the best talent from a team of experts. All team members come together to perfect the various website elements—graphics design, coding, SEO and marketing, written content, and visual elements—and combine them to build your site.

What’s more, an agency usually offers a maintenance package to keep your site running smoothly. The web design agency often handles your hosting, backs up your site, and more—services many freelancers can’t offer.

WebX360 is a professional web design company based in Southern California

WebX360 has more than 15 years of web design experience with clients in a wide variety of industries, from soft to high-tech. With us, you get the web design package that’s right for your goals and your budget. We’re a one-stop solution for all your web development needs.